Sing Cheung

FoTo Producktion


Photo & Text:
Sing Cheung

Humanistic / Documentary

Iraq, Iran, Myanmar, Bulgaria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Austria, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Australia, Cuba, Mexico, Canada, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, United States, Japan, China, Netherlands, Dubai, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


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  TikKa wrote @

this is great photo~

  Sing Cheung wrote @

Tikka, thanks!!

  Ada wrote @

Very nice photos. What will be the next?

  Sing Cheung wrote @

Do you have any recommendations???

  Ada wrote @

How about Tunisia?

  Sing Cheung wrote @

Have you ever been there??
I heard that it is even better than Morocco.

  Ada wrote @

I cannot comment coz" I have been to Tunisia only. It’s special among islamic countries…but better go there before it turns to be too commercial.

  grace wrote @

I love your photos. It is great.

  Sing Cheung wrote @

I am glad you like them!!

  Yan wrote @

Wonderful pic & articles!!! : )

  Kevin wrote @

Your photo is so great !!!!
Just disccover your blog.
I am Kevin, we met in the Youth Camp on July this year !~~ =]]

  Sing Cheung wrote @

Hey Kevin, I have very bad memory, Can you give me more hints about you??!? Are you the OC or the Participant of youth camp?

  Kevin wrote @

I am Phoebe’s fd from, the designer =]]

  Kevin wrote @

The one that still did not give you the invoice of the design …hahahhaaa

  Sing Cheung wrote @

OHOH Kevin, thanks for your vist!!


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